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It all began with a short email from Michael Sypolt to Port Authority's Service Planning Department in 2004 providing an alternate suggestion to a service cut. The email suggested among other things, interlining two routes to increase efficiency by minimizing time spent putting buses into and out of service, known as deadhead time. A reply came back within minutes stating that the "concepts were interesting" and suggested that Michael would join Allegheny County Transit Council (ACTC). Upon joining ACTC, Michael conducted an extensive study of the Port Authority system as it operated in 2005 using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This gained the attention of several departments within the authority yielding several mapping work efforts in 2006 and 2007. These maps were used to show elected officials the impacts of budget decisions to their legislative districts.

Using the 2005 GIS study results, Michael developed an exhaustive list of efficiency measures in response to 15% service cuts that were planned for 2007. The suggested measures would not only reduce service to the targeted level required for the budget cuts, but also provided increased frequency and hours of service to major corridors by advocating a trunk and feeder system. This list was delivered, accompanied with a system map and detailed timetables, to the Port Authority headquarters as public comment. Many of these suggestions were later integrated into the Port Authority's Transit Development Plan of 2010.

In 2011, with an increased client base, Michael Sypolt created TransitGuru Limited to serve clients' needs for transit planning services. Current and recent clients include Port Authority of Allegheny County, Heritage Community Initiatives, and GLHN Architects & Engineers. During 2012 and beyond, TransitGuru Limited continues to develop innovative solutions for transit agencies' efforts to balance budgeted resources with providing excellent transit service. Increasingly, advocacy for improved transit funding policies has been an important objective for TransitGuru Limited and its clients.

Résumé and Portfolio

Michael Sypolt, a long-time resident of Pittsburgh, is the owner of and transit planner at TransitGuru Limited. Because his extensive knowledge of transit operation in familiar and unfamiliar locations, he has been called the Transit Guru by many acquaintances. Since 2004, he has worked on numerous projects related to public transit. Feel free to review Michael Sypolt's résumé. This document summarizes Michael's work related to transit planning.

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