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Transit Information

Welcome to the Southwestern Pennsylvania transit guide. This site provides information on riding transit in the metropolitan area of Pittsburgh, PA. The map below currently shows all transit routes of Port Authority of Allegheny County. It will also include information on regional lines in the surrounding counties in the near future. Please visit my blog at and my twitter feed at to be alerted of any updates on continuing updates of this map and guide.

Allegheny County Transit Information (effective March 25, 2012)

This map reflects the recent service changes that were made to accommodate the extension of the light rail system to the North Shore. Other notable changes include the extension of 61A along Edgewood Ave (to replace 63) and the extension of the 51 to Century Square.

For those in the Mon Valley area, please see the work based Heritage WorkLink for information on service in the Monongehela valley region.

The state-wide transit funding is still in a crisis situation and I encourage you to go to the Funding Crisis page for more information and tools to contact your legislator and governor. If action is not taken to improve transit funding, up to 35% of the service shown on this map will be discontinued in September.

System Map (PDF)

Allegheny County Transit Map

System Map (PNG image)

If you have comments or questions about the transit guide project or the maps that are included in this site, feel free to send me a note.

Introducing the TransitGuru Stop finder (BETA)!

This stop finder currently provides times for Port Authority schedules using the GTFS feed that they provide.


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